Michael Jones – South Korea

Brother Mike and Sister Marie Jones have been married since 1988. They have three daughters and three granddaughters. They came to the Lord in Japan in 1992. From that beginning, missions work has been their calling. Brother and Sister Jones have always made themselves available to go wherever God wanted them to go. They have lived, worked, and ministered in Japan, Hawaii, New Mexico, Korea, Germany, and Little Rock Arkansas.

In 2008, Brother and Sister Jones moved to Germany and helped in a church close to the Air Force Base. In 2010 they started a work in Wiesbaden Germany. Then, in 2015 they turned the work over to a local German pastor and moved back to the states to prepare for whatever mission God had next. Additionally, while in Germany Sister Jones built a church in the Bicol province of the Philippines, where many of her own family members have come to the Lord.

In 2017, the Lord began to deal with Brother and Sister Jones about returning to the mission’s field. Though the where and when were unknown, they continued to seek the Lord for His perfect will. Finally, God began dealing with them about making the sacrifice of not being able to see their children and grandchildren that would be required if they went back into the mission’s field. After much prayer, they both agreed that they were willing to go. Shortly after, God opened the door to South Korea!

South Korea has over fifty-two million people, of which 57% have no religious beliefs or affiliation. There are very few Oneness Apostolic churches, most of which are in the Seoul area. Brother and Sister Jones will be locating in the city of Gunsan in the North Jeolla Province, (over 150 miles south of Seoul.) Please pray for this work in Korea.