Shepherds’ Symposium

The Purpose

The Why

It has been observed that there is a need among native pastors for a forum from which they can draw much needed information with regards to both personal and ministerial growth and development. It is believed that this effort can be a catalyst to accomplish this goal.

The Where

While there are areas around the world that have had access to this type of development, there are many places that do not. There is even a need among North American ministries that have lacked in this access. The Vision is to implement this concept on the international level first and then bring it to North America.

The How

In order to facilitate and strengthen the personal life and divine calling of the local pastor, the symposium will supply each pastor with tools and materials they can utilize for personal and spiritual growth on a continuing basis. This will be accomplished through a well-planned and executed series of sessions over a 4-night, 3-day period. The sessions will be planned and developed around themes such as The Shepherd and His Life, The Shepherd and His Message and The Shepherd and the Kingdom. Each attendee will be issued a syllabus to be used as a reference at both the symposium and for future growth through personal study. Q & A sessions will take place at the end of the teaching day. Questions will be submitted throughout the day and answered at the appropriate time. The purpose of each day having a theme is to create a flow of subject material whereby the attendees experience a time of growth and not just be inundated with information by the speakers randomly speaking on subjects of their choosing.

The Syllabus: The curriculum will be written by a carefully selected group of individuals known for their ability to write and communicate in an effective manner. The intent is that all material will be Bible principled based and not culturally based. This concept allows us to set this conference down in any culture and it be affective for the attendees.

Conference Speakers: There will be a pool of volunteer speakers created who understand the concept and are willing to participate within the established guidelines; mainly that of agreeing to teach the subject assigned to them and follow the assigned notes as written. Men of good reputation and ability to travel internationally at least once a year.

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