Britt Hume – Ireland

God called Bro. Hume out of a life of sin in 2004. Within a year of being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost, Bro. Hume answered God’s call upon his life to preach the gospel. Having been voted the quietest person in his graduating class, this was no easy task, but God sent help. By God’s design no doubt, Bro. Hall, a missionary to Africa, visited the church one Sunday morning and shared his experiences in Africa. When the altar call was made, Bro. Hume came forward knowing God was calling him to preach but struggling to surrender. Bro. Hall stepped down from the platform, never seen or heard of Bro. Hume prior, put his arm around the weeping Bro. Hume, and said, “It’s a commitment and you have got to do it.” Bro. Hume informed his pastor, Phillip Cook, that evening of God’s call on his life.

Bro. Hume never forgot Missionary Hall’s words and often pondered them. It was no coincidence that God sent a missionary to Bro. Hume. In 2011, after much prayer, a door opened to go to Ireland to assist Missionaries Thomas and Linda Potter in outreach. During that endeavor, a burden for the people of Ireland was placed in his heart. God had more in store for Bro. Hume. God blessed him with a wife, the Potter’s daughter, Julie. Sis Hume had spent most of her life on the mission field with her parents. She was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost at a young age. The mission field is her passion. She says, “There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than being totally involved with God and His great Kingdom, spreading His glorious Gospel to all who hunger and thirst for Him!”

After marrying in 2011 and laboring with the Potters until 2013, the Humes left Ireland and returned to Bro. Hume’s home church in Marshfield, Missouri to assist Pastor Cook. During that time God blessed them with a wonderful son, David. After much prayer, tests and trials, God began to stir the heart of Bro. and Sis. Hume concerning Ireland. While at a men’s conference, seeking to meet new acquaintances, God spoke to Bro. Hume and said, “This is not the way it’s going to be for you, I’ve called you to Ireland.” Shortly after, at the Potter’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration, a picture slideshow of various baptisms, services, and prayer meetings in Ireland was shown. As the faces of Irish and various other nationalities began to flash on the screen, Bro. Hume found that he could barely contain the tears and sobs that were welling up within him. After saying, “Yes Lord” they have struck out in faith to return to Ireland and start a new work in the city of Cork.