Joseph Conroy -Missionary

Brother Joseph Conroy was born and raised by an Irish Catholic Family in Chicago, Illinois. As a teenager he moved to California with his family to the city of Fresno. A visit from an elderly Jehovah’s Witness woman led him to pick up a Bible and begin to read it for the very first time. The Apostles Doctrine and Experience that he read about stirred him deeply. But “did anyone still HAVE that today?” he wondered. As the next few years went by Brother Conroy’s hunger for the True Experience of Pentecost grew and intensified until finally in March of 1972 God sent a young man named Steve Walker to invite him to a Pentecostal service at Truth Tabernacle, (then pastored by Brother Murray Layne and today is pastored by Brother Timothy Lackey.) From the very first service Brother Conroy knew “THIS IS THAT!” It was only a matter of a few services until Brother Conroy experienced his own Pentecost.

Over the next few years Brother Conroy dug deep into the Word of God with the input of many great Bible teachers of that time. His ministry began with puppet shows, teaching the Beginners Sunday School Class, then graduated to Search for Truth Home Bible Studies. Early in the 1980’s Brother Conroy received his calling to go to the Middle East as a missionary. In 1987 he went to the land of Syria where he was met with wonderful and immediate success. The work that began in Aleppo, Syria grew as Brother Conroy and others from his first work in Syria evangelized from Istanbul, Turkey to Amman, Jordan. Today, over thirty years later, the fruit of Brother Conroy’s ministry has spread around the globe. Souls that have come to this New Testament salvation are now in many nations including Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Zimbabwe, The Netherlands, Malta, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, The United States and Germany. In fact, on all six inhabited continents are people that are baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost as a product of his ministry! Along with pioneering the gospel work in many nations, Brother Conroy has helped launch several missionary families into the field. From the Ajala Family and their tremendous works in Nigeria, to the Shells who today have taken over the work in Germany. For the last few years brother Conroy has beat the bushes for financial help to buy land and build buildings for the work of God on the foreign field, resulting in a beautiful building, parsonage and classrooms in Ibadan, Nigeria as well as the purchase of land for a future building in Wakajaye Village, Nigeria. Currently also financially helping a new Pastor and his wife in the Philippine’s on the Island of Mindanao, Brother Conroy is as active today as ever before! He currently is planting the seeds of a new Apostolic work in the country of Ireland with some Irish Apostolic brethren needing some good old-fashioned encouragement and help! They are seeking God’s will on a building to hold centralized services in, and lay a foundation for the revival that is LONG overdue in Ireland!

He is working to establish a network of Apostolic churches in Europe that can stand free from politics and intrigue, and rather proclaim the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ so freely revealed in Acts 2:38. Hopefully someday the apostolic message will be preached as widely in Europe as it has been in North America for the last hundred years! Brother Conroy is doing his best to help make that a reality. At this present time Brother Conroy will be ministering on BOTH sides of the ocean while processing his residence in Ireland. While on the North American side he will be helping Home Missionaries in whatever capacity they can use him, at his own expense. On the Irish Side he will be searching for those who have a hunger and emptiness in their souls that only JESUS can fill.